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struct Efl.Text_Change_Info
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struct @beta Efl.Text_Change_Info {
   [[This structure includes all the information about content changes.

     It's meant to be used to implement undo/redo.
   content: string; [[The content added/removed]]
   position: size; [[The position where it was added/removed]]
   length: size; [[The length of content in characters (not bytes, actual unicode characters)]]
   insert: bool; [[$true if the content was inserted, $false if removei]]
   merge: bool; [[$true if can be merged with the previous one. Used for example with insertion when something is already selected]]
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"insert" looks a bit weird. I like "inserted"
"merge" is also ambiguous. How about "can_merge" or something else.

@segfaultxavi @ali.alzyod
Do you have better idea on these ?

Aside from the two above, the rest looks good to me.

I suggest insertion and mergeable.

The rest looks OK to me, except the docs, as usual :)


I just updated following your recommendation :)

Another opinion on this definition ?

Ok. I think there is no problem to move this task to "stabilized".

Thank you !!!!

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