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eolian: remove keyword legacy from enums
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There are only a few places where the usage of the legacy: keyword in enums remains.

./src/lib/evas/gesture/efl_canvas_gesture_types.eot:   legacy: efl_gesture_touch;
./src/lib/evas/gesture/efl_canvas_gesture_types.eot:   legacy: efl_gesture;
./src/lib/evas/gesture/efl_canvas_gesture_types.eot:   legacy: efl_gesture;
./src/lib/elementary/elm_general.eot:   legacy: elm_icon;
./src/lib/elementary/elm_general.eot:   legacy: elm_input_hint;

And only one of those files applies to "modern" API. We should refactor that file and make sure the keyword is not used (I'm not opposed to implementing it through something like - that would have to be implemented first). The others are technically legacy stuff that will need to be either moved or refactored anyway. After that, this misfeature can be removed from Eolian itself.

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