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VisibilityChanged event contains wrong info
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Recently (e027ad2626) the Policy and PolicyQuit enums have been removed from EO files, which broke the C# bindings.
I added them again (a9132a9a66) to fix the build, but I have been looking at WHY are we using legacy enums in the bindings.

Turns out we should not be using elm_policy_set(), but Efl.Ui.Win.ExitOnAllWindowsClosed = new Eina.Value(0);, which is the new way of doing it.

HOWEVER, when I do that, apps do not quit anymore when closing all windows. It turns out the VisibilityChangedEvt event always has a true event info.
This does not happen in C apps, so I am guessing this is a bindings problem.
I remember this worked at some point.

Please fix this, so we can remove another bit of legacy API from the bindings. Afterwards, I'll revert my commit (a9132a9a66) that added these legacy enums back to EO files.