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don't use long in eina value tests as they are 32 bits types on Windows
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in a8d1c7d8ad5b54425147a6f678c917b966ada8f0 long are used for 64 bits values

i even fear that the implementation is broken on Windows. I've seen casts from pointers to long in eina_inline_value.x (that's why i didn't see any warnings, they are inlined and not used)

vtorri created this task.May 13 2019, 12:18 PM
vtorri triaged this task as High priority.

Well they were already longs - I just made it explicit with the cast. The test is broken on 32bit already. In fact eina_value is broken on 32bit SPECIFICALLY with longs and you are right - windows on 64bit here will behave like 32bit in these cases. Already broken. :(