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Remove table_direction from Efl.Pack_Table
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The Efl.Pack_Table interface defines the table_direction property, which sets the primary and secondary directions for any table.
In theory, this allows using Efl.Pack.pack() to fill a table in any direction on any axis, and then advancing on the other axis, in any direction (e.g. top->down, then left->right, OR top->down then right->left, or right->left then bottom->up, ...).
The only widget currently implementing this interface is Efl.Ui.Table, and, after examining its implementation, it looks like there's only two possible ways of filling in a table, either row-wise (right->left then top->down) or column-wise (top->down then left->right).
Therefore, having primary and secondary directions seems overly complicated.
Furthermore, Efl.Ui.Table also implements the Efl.Direction interface, which is used to set only the primary direction.

I propose we remove the table_direction property from Efl.Pack_Table and use only Efl.Direction.direction to select the two modes.

What do you think @YOhoho ? I think we already talked about this widget in the past.

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