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enum Efl.Input.Lock {
   [[Key locks such as Num Lock, Scroll Lock and Caps Lock.

     This enum may be used as a bitmask with OR operations, depending on the

     The available keys may vary depending on the physical keyboard layout, or
     language and keyboard settings, or depending on the platform.

     @since 1.20
   none    = 0,      [[No key modifier]]
   num     = 1 << 0, [[Num Lock for numeric key pad use]]
   caps    = 1 << 1, [[Caps Lock for writing in all caps]]
   scroll  = 1 << 2, [[Scroll Lock]]
   shift   = 1 << 3, [[Shift Lock]]

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zmike added a comment.May 17 2019, 7:05 AM

I think maybe this name could be more descriptive somehow?

Maybe Key_Lock ?

Also, what's the difference between caps and shift?

@segfaultxavi on my dell laptop i can hit shift 5 times which activates the shift-lock. Differentence between those two: Make caps lock on, and press "-". Make shift lock on (or just hold it) and press "-".

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