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wayland EFL windows do not close properly under sway after upgrade to EFL 1.22.2
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After upgrading from EFL 1.21.1 to EFL 1.22.2 (arch skipped packaging 1.22.{0,1} for some reason), EFL windows fail to be closed when asked to do so by the window manager, for me sway. Closing the window using the close window decoration works fine, but closing using the "close" keybind, handled by the window manager, hangs the application, with it's window staying around and refusing input.

After the close signal is sent to the window, the following error message appears:

ERR<5029>:eina_safety lib/ecore_wl2/ecore_wl2_window.c:1621 ecore_wl2_window_false_commit() safety check failed: window->surface == NULL

I have to manually kill the program to close the window.

RX14 created this task.May 17 2019, 9:19 AM

I installed sway to try and test this, but ... how the heck do you use this thing lol ? It's just a grey background with no way to launch apps :(