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elm_test fileselector crash
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  1. run elementary_test fileselector
  2. crash
zmike created this task.May 22 2019, 8:46 AM
zmike triaged this task as Showstopper Issues priority.

This is new and I have not been able to reproduce it here. Could you run it through valgrind and post a trace?

zmike added a comment.Jun 3 2019, 6:01 AM

Here's the invalid access part:

==1403== Jump to the invalid address stated on the next line
==1403==    at 0xF0758948F87D8948: ???
==1403==    by 0x52BE586: _efl_composite_model_efl_ui_view_model_set (efl_composite_model.c:198)
==1403==    by 0x4E96F11: efl_ui_view_model_set (efl_ui_view.eo.c:1)
==1403==    by 0x492FF51: _populate (elc_fileselector.c:1041)
==1403==    by 0x4933A6D: _elm_fileselector_efl_ui_view_model_set (elc_fileselector.c:2157)
==1403==    by 0x4E96F11: efl_ui_view_model_set (efl_ui_view.eo.c:1)
==1403==    by 0x4933A22: _elm_fileselector_path_set_internal (elc_fileselector.c:2149)
==1403==    by 0x49338DC: elm_fileselector_path_set (elc_fileselector.c:2129)
==1403==    by 0x1703CA: test_fileselector (test_fileselector.c:572)
==1403==    by 0x138BDC: my_win_main (test.c:1262)
==1403==    by 0x13927C: efl_main (test.c:1403)
==1403==    by 0x4EF3B6C: _event_callback_call (eo_base_class.c:1704)
==1403==    by 0x4EF3D65: _efl_object_event_callback_call (eo_base_class.c:1765)
==1403==    by 0x4EF3E0B: efl_event_callback_call (eo_base_class.c:1768)
==1403==    by 0x5298C22: _efl_loop_arguments_send (efl_loop.c:341)
==1403==    by 0x4EF4B77: _efl_future_cb (eo_base_class.c:2079)
==1403==    by 0x4DF78D0: _eina_future_cb_dispatch (eina_promise.c:355)
==1403==    by 0x4DF79DA: _eina_future_dispatch_internal (eina_promise.c:372)
==1403==    by 0x4DF7AC3: _eina_future_dispatch (eina_promise.c:391)
==1403==    by 0x4DF7BD4: _eina_future_dispatch (eina_promise.c:421)
==1403==    by 0x4DF7C5E: _scheduled_entry_cb (eina_promise.c:434)
==1403==    by 0x5288C26: _future_dispatch_cb (ecore_events.c:149)
==1403==    by 0x4EF3A89: _event_callback_call (eo_base_class.c:1681)
==1403==    by 0x4EF3D65: _efl_object_event_callback_call (eo_base_class.c:1765)
==1403==    by 0x4EF3E0B: efl_event_callback_call (eo_base_class.c:1768)
==1403==    by 0x5292FD6: _ecore_main_loop_iterate_internal (ecore_main.c:2403)
==1403==    by 0x52907E0: _ecore_main_loop_begin (ecore_main.c:1194)
==1403==    by 0x529805B: _efl_loop_begin (efl_loop.c:57)
==1403==    by 0x5299F5A: efl_loop_begin (efl_loop.eo.c:28)
==1403==    by 0x13933D: main (test.c:1409)
==1403==  Address 0xf0758948f87d8948 is not stack'd, malloc'd or (recently) free'd

Along with console output:

make dir /tmp/test_fs failed!
make dir /tmp/test_fs/a_subdir failed!
CRI<1403>: ../src/lib/eina/eina_iterator.c:123 eina_iterator_next() *** Eina Magic Check Failed at 0x559c04a !!!
    Input handle is wrong type.
    Expected: 98761233 - Eina Iterator
    Supplied: f0458b48 - (unknown)
zmike closed this task as Resolved.Jun 19 2019, 9:27 AM