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Efl.Ui.Active_View: new pages not always shown
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Open elm_test Efl.Ui.Active_View Scroll. Go to the Pack / Unpack page and click Clear. Now click Pack at: A new page is added and immediately shown.
Close the test and open it again.
Go to the Pack / Unpack page and click Clear. Now click Back and enter the Pack / Unpack page again. Click Pack at and notice how nothing seems to happen now.
Click Pack at again and notice how a second page is added , and two pages are correctly shown now.
If this process is executed with an enabled Indicator, you can see that pages are added, but not always displayed.

segfaultxavi triaged this task as Normal priority.

I cannot find out what is causing this, geometry is correct, visibility is true, clipper is set to foreground...

Revisiting, i think this is an evas bug, in case you do Clear -> Pack without the Back inbetween, you get the same geometries. However, the item does show up. Is it possible that evas forgets to mark something dirty ?

Are you asking me about Evas? should we call heavier artillery? @zmike @cedric ?