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Efreet behave badly with a broken cache file
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what I have done to break the efreet cache:
(from inside a running E session)

  • cloned a fresh efl repo
  • build and installed efl using meson
  • E crashed badly :)
  • rebuild, reinstalled E from a terminal

Then efreet was not able anymore to list any icon themes,
removing the efreet cache dir solved the issue

I suspect that the eet files got corrupted while E crashed

DaveMDS created this task.Jun 2 2019, 8:24 AM

efreet_cache_check is the problem here i guess, if there is a problem opening the file, then it just fails all over, i think instead the cache file should be moved and just proceed as before.

I also don't understand why this function does this wierd NON_EXISITNG things, this looks like a bad idea to write -1 into a pointer...

DaveMDS renamed this task from Efreet cache got broken after a fresh efl install using meson to Efreet behave badly with a broken cache file.Jun 2 2019, 8:38 AM