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efl-mono: in-tree examples do not build anymore
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src/examples/elementary/efl_ui_unit_converter.cs and src/examples/elementary/efl_ui_slider_mono.cs do not build anymore.

Their code is protected with #if EFL_BETA and I guess we are not definit that anymore so they are not built.

However, if you try to manually build them with:

mcs efl_ui_unit_converter.cs `pkg-config --libs efl-mono` -d:EFL_BETA

you can see there are a few errors because the code has not been updated to the latest EFL# syntax.

segfaultxavi triaged this task as Normal priority.

I've pushed some build fixes to devs/lauromoura/csharp_examples but there seems to be some runtime issues.

The unit converter example text input widget is shrunk to the minimal size despite having a predefined size. The same happens to the slider example's progress bar.

Maybe some changes in the widgets themselves recently?

Hmmm.... The texteditor example starts with a single-line text entry, which expands to use all available space once you enter any char. It should be maximized from the beginning.

Happens also in C, so I guess you can submit your build fixes and we'll take care of the rendering errors later.

segfaultxavi added a comment.EditedJun 20 2019, 1:37 AM

The texteditor example can be fixed by setting Multiline after setting Scrollable, so there's something bogus there. I'll create a ticket.

@lauromoura is there some rearrangement of the calls that fixes your case?

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