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Not up to date files in oficial web and
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Hi guys.

Dont know how to make a ticket properly so sorry in advance.

So, I am trying to install EFL 1.22.2 with eglfs and I get this error:

CC       modules/evas/engines/eglfs/modules_evas_engines_eglfs_module_la-evas_outbuf.lo

In file included from modules/evas/engines/eglfs/evas_outbuf.c:1:
modules/evas/engines/eglfs/evas_engine.h:18:11: fatal error: hwcomposer.h: No such file or directory

18 | # include <hwcomposer.h>
   |           ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~

compilation terminated.

After futher investigation I can see that those libraries have been deleted (last commit 2016)

Am I missing something obvious or have the latest files not been updated?


It seems that I was missing that its more up to date than

Got confused.

I am going to need libhybris? According to them it wonly works on x86 not 64bit witch is what I have :(

What should I do?

Its been a long day:)

For some reason I was looking for =devs/captainigloo/eglfs_rpi

That made it look like a different file.

Maybe I should reopen the ticket because I still don't know hot to get EFL to install with eglfs on a x64 machine

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I am sorry, but i am very confused by your ticket. However you seem to have resolved it, or it may have resolved itself.

If not, please reopen.