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XPM images not rendered
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In new EFL & E builds, i had some "icons corrupted visually" (trashy visual bits), after to research i found that they are from .XPM image filetypes. Also, trying to preview .xpm files in terminology doesn't seems to render anything

So I assume there's 2 different bugs related to this:

  • XPM images are not rendered (last EFL & libxpm-dev version 3.5.12)
  • When E cannot load correctly an image (or an .xpm image) for the icons in menu apps, it still try to use it and this ends in a "hole of random data", instead of simply not loading the image

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stefan_schmidt triaged this task as Normal priority.Oct 9 2019, 2:29 AM
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Did this also happen to you with 1.22 or was it fine with that release?

There are only 5 commits regarding the XPM image loader in efl in all 2019. src/modules/evas/image_loaders/xpm/

Image loader API change from Cedric and threadable XPM loader from Raster. Maybe one of the two have an idea what is going on. They might need a bit more information to debug this though.

If you have some time to compile and test you could try to revert the commits above step by step and see if that helps.

raster added a comment.Oct 9 2019, 7:07 AM

my change fixed xpm to work again - so i suspect my commit fixed this and this should be closed :) it wasn't working right if you did async loads because of the thread field being false. :) i tested it myself and the xpms were loading fine...

fyi we don't use libxpm. ... :)

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Thank you, received correctly! :)

I didn't tested it on E-git, but it works in terminology, so I assume it's fixed :)

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