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Wayland+GL+terminology maximise/unmaximise+window-placement issues ( increasing drift to the upper-left )
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When running E ( git ) in wayland mode, with GL compositing, when I launch a terminology window and maximise it, the window placement is wrong. I have a gadget bar on the top of my screen. The 1st time I maximise terminology, the window size appears to be correct, but it's placement is just a little too far towards the top of the screen, and covers part of the gadget bar. If I unmaximise and maximise it again, when maximised, it's placement is correct ( ie not covering the gadget bar ). However if I unmaximise it again, it's placed further up into the top-right corner. Each time I repeat, the unmaximised position is further to the left and above of the previous position, until the window goes offscreen completely. The maximised position each time ( apart from the 1st ) is correct.

This doesn't happen in software compositing mode, or at all ( software or GL ) when running in X.