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emixer - empty display, crashes on close
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It is hard to find screen shots on the website, it would help to see some images to accompany the release packages.
In any case, what I see when I start emixer is: notebook tabs(Playback, Outputs, Inputs)
Playback tab is blank. What should be there?

Should there be choices of Pulseaudio, alsa, oss, jack)? Or how pulse connects to other services (pacmd)?
Should there be sliders for equalizer?
Should it be possible to select a sample for playback?

Ok, some questions have answers; and sometimes it is good to hear them; but the would not make for a good bug report, and I have to stick to one detail.

So, when I close the window emixer, I get an error dialog: advanced >> segmentation fault.
Thus, it seems that window-close is not properly sent and handled.
Close message was sent from upper right [x], there was no other close button.
Right corner menu --> close; same outcome.

System: dragonFlyBSD 5.4 with devd, pulseaudio, dbus, no systemd
Hardware: virtual box

Expected result: emixer closes cleanly without segmentation fault or error message.

Could you please provide the Enlightenment and Efl version you are using? devd, pulseaudio and dbus version would probably also help.

also, Enlightenment puts a crash report in your home directory with the name ~/.e-crashdump.txt. could you post this please? then delete the file, as every crash will be appended. if you can reliably crash Enlightenment, please delete the file first, then crash it and upload that file.

are you able to use gdb and/or valgrind? if so, please see this page.

(I've added E on FreeBSD because i don't see another BSD project tag.)

@netstar could you still have a look?

@devilhorns could you also please have a look, because of the absent systemd on BSD?

I don't see the segmentation fault closing emixer on my laptop.
FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-p9 Enlightenment 0.23.0.alpha EFL 1.22.2

EFL 1.20.7
Enlightenment 0.22.4

I did not get any ~/.e-crashdump.txt

History: originally from ports --with-profile=release (EFL) --with-profile=MEDIUM_PC (enlightenment)
I changed profile to dev
I was not able to build useful artifacts in EFL with profile debug (too many errors, mostly deadlock)
NOTES: eolian and libeina require -lexecinfo to include backtrace; and -lpam requires -lcrypt for enlightenment_checkpass; and -lintl (gettext) is in -L/usr/local/lib, bash is in /usr/bin not /bin

I was able to rebuild all with profile dev; and segfault does not occur.

I have a suspicion that the problem may be in ?_callback.c, where rp is not null, but rp->part is null and rp->part->name is and unchecked deference. I am still looking into this.
I was not able to build useful artifacts with EFL 1.22.2 (yet)

Are there any man pages or info for edje* or eolian*?

raster fixed an SEGV on close in 0.22.4 with rE638ffe58538478ede9f9000db370ec5e853635e8 and i had a SEGV which was closed with rEbf146faf7289035eade9875735869de4da7622d4.

could you please try to update?

Are there any man pages or info for edje* or eolian*?

lots and lots, start here or go directly to edje / eo

ProhtMeyhet triaged this task as Pending on user input priority.Aug 18 2019, 11:45 PM

Sorry no update, both of those patches are were already applied in 0.22.4.
Thanks for the doc links.

Perhaps the problem has to do with the ports package using --with-profile=MEDIUM_PC? My current build is using --with-profile=dev, but debug does not build. Sometime later I will try to revert to 'release'; but for now I have a few other bugs that are blocking me.