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verify Efl_Ui.h usability + inclusion of all API headers
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We need to:

  • ensure that we have a CI test case which tries to compile an out-of-tree source file using the installed version of efl to test header usability (Elementary.h and Efl_Ui.h)
    • didn't we used to have this?
  • ensure that all generated API headers are installed
  • ensure that all generated API headers are included (by Efl_Ui.h)
zmike created this task.Sep 18 2019, 7:01 PM
zmike triaged this task as Showstopper Issues priority.
zmike added a subscriber: cedric.Sep 18 2019, 7:57 PM

We can just revert D6663-

zmike added a comment.Sep 19 2019, 6:11 AM

Alright let's start with that, I'll try to figure out a script to check whether we're installing stuff...

We should figure out some way to verify that we're shipping the headers for all the widgets that we should be...

I think we could achive that with including the headers we use as "main" headers. like Efl_Ui.h Efl_Canvas.h etc. if something is missing, we would get an error. If something is not in there, it is probably not relevant to a user, and should not be installed.