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Check essential properties, methods, and enum marked @beta
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Now some essential properties, methods, and enum are still marked @beta. (essential especially for language bindings e.g. C#)
e.g. In Efl.Ui.Win, @property win_type, enum Efl.Ui.Win_Type, @property autohide, ... are still marked @beta.

We need to decide if we remove those @beta or keep those @beta.

Because if there is a specific reason why we need to keep those @beta, then EFL C# should not open those APIs.

Jaehyun_Cho updated the task description. (Show Details)

Hello~ Do you know the reason why @property win_type, @property autohide are still marked @beta?
e.g. @property win_type is marked @beta because related wayland feature can be changed later?

It is important because if there is a concrete reason to keep @beta, then EFL C# should not open those APIs.

zmike added a comment.Sep 19 2019, 6:19 AM

I believe with autohide the issue was related to the fact that we had to rename/rework it from the legacy autodel and were investigating the issues there.

win_type is a separate issue since a lot of the types (in the enum) that we have are based on X11 WM protocol hints and are not "portable" to other display servers, which would mean that we are effectively releasing types that cannot be used.

In general, I have tried to be more conservative with APIs that we stabilize in order to avoid accidentally stabilizing something which we will later regret. This means that if I have not heard of a specific demand for an API, and I think there is an issue with it, I will probably leave it as beta.

In EFL C#, autohide and win_type are necessary to implement a C# application.

With keeping those methods @beta, those methods cannot be used in EFL C# publicly now and EFL C# application cannot be executed correctly.
e.g. Without setting win_type by Efl.Ui.WinType.Basic, Efl.Ui.Win is not displayed at all.

From the EFL C# point of view, it is very important when those @beta are removed.
Could you expect or have a plan when @beta can be removed from those kinds of important methods?

zmike added a comment.Sep 20 2019, 4:55 AM

I'll get this resolved today then.

With the patch attached you do not need win_type_set anymore. So we can keep this API beta for now ? (My plan for the next release would be to remove that entirely, and map the types to classes directly, how does that sound to you @Jaehyun_Cho ?