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gtk combobox sizing issues under wayland
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I've attached a simple pygtk app that demonstrates the issue.

When running under E/Wayland, with gtk rendering in x11 mode ( ie GTK_BACKEND=x11 ), things work ... ie the combo box appears in the correct place, is the correct size, and all items in the combo box are selectable.

If I run with GTK_BACKEND=wayland, the combo box appears in slightly the wrong place, but more importantly, it is way too tall - going offscreen. This makes it impossible to select most of the items. I guess gtk is asking for an appropriate window size, and under wayland, that size is too big?

I'm running everything from git, built pretty regularly. I've done the same tests under Gnome/Wayland ( running gtk with both rendering backends ), and under Gnome, I can't reproduce this bug.