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Current state from devs/tasn/ifaces

class Efl2.Text.Markup
├ (P) item_factory
├ (M) hook_tag_insert
├ (M) insert
├ (M) range_get
zmike created this task.Oct 1 2019, 10:26 AM
zmike triaged this task as TODO priority.
zmike added a comment.Oct 1 2019, 10:31 AM

This feels pretty bizarre with the naming considering Efl.Text is a simple text get/set interface. Probably needs some thinking on; feels almost like it should be Markup_Interactive or somesuch.

cc @cedric re: factory thingy

tasn added a comment.Oct 1 2019, 1:25 PM

Will probably change, see my comment in T7855. It's also something I'm thinking of overhauling tomorrow.

zmike moved this task from Backlog to Evaluating on the efl: api board.Oct 14 2019, 5:56 AM
ali.alzyod moved this task from Evaluating to Backlog on the efl: api board.Feb 5 2020, 12:21 AM