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Pager gadget broken after to change the number of virtual desktops
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Add a new pager gadget, position it to your desktop, open your virtual desktop settings and add or remove desktops, your gadget resizes in a very broken way (it should be not resized)

Thanatermesis added a comment.EditedNov 5 2019, 10:29 PM

video of about probably the same bug:

On this video we can see also the issue on the first seconds (the rest of the video is about another issue):

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updated, much simpler description and easier to reproduce

There is another point in:
If you create a new shelf and solely add the pager to that it will set itself better than as to desktop or as a desktop overlay.
Resizing the pager to a larger up to maximum size makes it flicker (but not with all sizes) i.e renders it useless.

Ah! I have seen that crazy "shaking" effect too, but I removed it from the report (this one or other similar) because I was unable to reproduce it

The pager in the bar starts "shaking" the moment you create multiple horizontal rows of VirtualDesktops.
I suspect it's a size issue too i.e they wont fit within the constraints of the ibar size setting.