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edocgen: Remaining issues
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These are the remaining issues detected with the current version of edocgen.
The output can be found at the playground.
Links in the playground will take you to the online docs under /develop/, so here are a few direct playground links for your convenience:
A class:
A method:
A property:
The above docs have been generated with D10318 applied, which is still being discussed.

Remaining issues:

  • Allow generating documentation only for stable (non-beta) classes. Beta classes should be removed from the listings, and any reference to them should be rendered with grayed-out text (instead of a link) followed by this text: (object still in beta stage).
  • Classes should only list their own members in the Members section, all inherited members should be listed in the Inherited section. Documentation in the implements section in EO files (seldom used) can be appended to the summary in the Inherited section.
  • Method, Property, Event, Alias, Struct... pages are lacking a title header. D10318 handles Properties and Methods but the others are still missing.
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