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Use the new Efl2.Canvas.Text_Style in the legacy functions
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At the moment, we have the style object for Canvas.Text and for Textblock. These should be merged by just replacing the evas_textblock_style_* functions to use the new Eo object internally and adjusting Textblock/Edje as needed.
This will make it possible to use Edje styles with new textblock too.

The main difference is that the old style text object accepts a string for the whole style rather than split to different parts, so for example:

evas_textblock_style_set(ts, "DEFAULT='font_size=12 font_family=Sans' b='font_weight=Bold'");

Will become:

efl2_canvas_text-style_properties_set(ts, "font_size=12 font_family=Sans");
efl2_canvas_text-style_tag_set(ts, "b", NULL, "font_weight=Bold");
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