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Finish implementing (moving) the Efl2.Canvas.Text unit tests
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I've already moved quite a bit, and added a few more. The new unit test file is a copy of the old textblock one with some added tests, and some adjustments I made because some behaviours have changed.

I think the easiest way going forward is just emulating old calls with new ones like I did in a few places with the newly created static functions such as static void _size_native_get(const Efl2_Canvas_Text *obj, int *w, int *h).
One other major change is that functions like "cursor_content_get" will no longer return stuff such as "<br>" but rather "\n" directly.

While fixing the tests you need to make sure that nothing broke, and the only things that changed were meant to.

I guess this task depends on T8215 in a sense because it would be much easier if we could use markup in the tests (less to change).

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