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How to implement getting all anchors within a range (_achors_get in edje_entry)
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Before you'd do:

anchors_a = evas_textblock_node_format_list_get(o, "a");
// And now figure out which match with which and calculate from there.

which will return all of the anchors in the text object and then you'll need to query for their positions for example to know which one you want.

Now you can, for example, only get the ones within a range of cursors (e.g. viewport), or the whole text object.

a = eina_stringshare_add("a);
anchors_a = efl2_text_attribute_range_attributes_get(start, end);

// Then for each attribute:
if (efl2_text_attribute_type_get(attr) == a)
    // This is an anchor range, both the start and the end.
tasn created this task.Oct 11 2019, 1:28 AM
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