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Wrong window-positioning for un-needed windows
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First, I speculate that this bug affects in many sides of E, so I have seen similar behaviors to happen with the E settings windows too, so it can be the same issue? related: T8315

This one is very easy to reproduce (unless it requires a specific setting from my E), basically:

  • open chromium (version here is from debian as 76.0.3809.100-1~deb10u1)
  • re-maximize the window (triggering maximization is needed after a restart)
  • right click on any page, in order to have a menu to open
  • BUG: the menu appears in another place, like your top-left corner of your desktop, instead of your mouse pointer (this doesn't happen when the window is not maximized)
  • note: visually the window appears in another place, but if you move your mouse in the bottom-right direction you will see that hte options of the menu are being selected on the other location of the window)

I don't see this. menu appears where it should next to my mouse. maximized, un-maximized... tried maximizing/unmaximizing multiple times...

Thanatermesis closed this task as Resolved.Jan 26 2020, 4:23 PM

Seems like it works now, tried with a recent build, will close the report it for now in order to keep the reports clean and smaller :)