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Shelf autohide causes jumpy effects
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When you set the Shelf (like the default bar) to autohide, when it -stills- opened and you mouse-over it, it causes it to immediately hide and then show it again

This behaviour provocates a jumpy feeling, sometimes making it hard to use it

i don't see this. i check the checkbox int he menu and it stays up for a little bit until the timeout then hides as it should. i mouse over and it appears... i move my mouse away and after a little pause it disappears.

I can't make it do it... tried. seems to only happen when your mouse is right on the very edge. theme doesn't change behavior for me...

Hum, not really, it happens all the time when i move the mouse to the bar (slowly or fast), but when slowly, it seems like to trigger multiple times the jumpy effect

Maybe is related to my focus settings