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Shelves, totally wrong behaviours
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In the default shelf you have the Keyboard emodule, try to remove it, then if you try to enable it back, there's no way, and there's multiple issues trying to control it:

  • it shows up in the "loaded gadgets", as a disabled state, but you cannot "enable" it, you can only "remove" it (even if is disabled, so remove it even if is disabled, not much intuitive, but ok...)
  • then you try to load it again from the "available gadgets", but is not listed
  • then you try to unload / load the language module, it stills not appears up

More wrong behaviours:

  • create a new shelf
  • add the systray emodule
  • try to add another one, it shows you a warning "only one systray can be used" (huh? i didn't added it again), try to add another one
  • then in the "Loaded gadgets" it appears to be multiple "systray" emodules listed, one loaded and others no (not sure if this is a bug in shelf or in systray), but in any case:
  • try to remove a disable one, it stills appears
  • try to remove it again, both dissappears (duh!)
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hmm the "only one systray" would be a holdover from xmbed days where you actually can't have more than 1 due to the nature of xmbed.

@raster , seems like some systray apps requires xembed? is there possible to use xembed as an option?

for example if you run "nm-applet", it doesn't shows up, but maybe is a bug in the systray because I have seen in the code that it already uses "ayatana" as first option (is it what we use actually in systray?)

Some apps may require it yes. We dropped support years and years ago. KDE did too. The xmbed code is gone. It was horrible. at least 50% of apps did not handle the xmbed tray selection owner going away and coming back while they ran (so restarting e lost icons and the apps didn't detect the tray coming back to re-register the icon). they almost all looked like complete junk when not 22 pixels in size (using low res icons). They all behaved differently. Some rendered square grey boxes using no alpha, assuming gtk theme background matched from their window to the panel because they just assumed they were in gnome, some did use argb ... and it doesn't port to wayland. so ... not going to go IMPLEMENT the support again for something that will not work any better because of badly behaved client apps.

systray implements the status notifier dbus protocol. i see steam come up in it. it works. i use connman for networking so i suggest you do the same. that's what e supports. :)