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Enlightenment not consistent on hig-res/high-dpi monitor
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On a retina display (3200x1800) E is not behaving consistently.

Elements that do not scale according to configure scale:

  • desktop switcher
  • arrows in menus indicating sub-menus
  • text of desktop notification bubble
  • checkboxes / radioboxes

Backgrounds (of desktop and desklock) do not scale up properly (for desktop background switching to a different virtual desktop and back fixes it - outside area being drawn in white -- for desklock no other virtual desktop to switch to and outside area remains transparent).

If needed I can demonstrate at FOSDEM.

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this is mostly a decision of the theme design as to how it will scale.. and what it will scale, when and where. have we provided scaled imagery or data etc. - it's a whole lot of refining of the default e/elm themes and some code where here and there.

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Apparently there were some commits related to this, but I can't find them.