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how to provide Efl.Ui.Layout part?
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I'm not sure it is an issue or my misunderstanding,
but it seems we do not have any proper method to set the content(or text) in specific edje part.

As I'm write some demo cs code for Efl.Ui.Layout,
I find out we cannot set any content or text to the layout without get the part of it and the way to get the part object is protected,
so user might hard to using layout by stand alone.

the only way I think about using customized edje in the layout is,
create custom layoutPartContent class and override SetContent
create custom layout class, and declare the property of customized layoutPartContent class in public.

in C, it is more hard to implement this,
so I think we need to have some better way for reflecting and exposing customized edje part in layout.

any idea for this?

This has been missing for some time... I think we forgot about it :)
I created a task to provide access to all parts from EFL# applications: T8462

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cedric added a comment.Nov 1 2019, 7:56 AM

In c, part get is protected, but not efl_part which use part get. Or something like that.

SanghyeonLee closed this task as Resolved.Nov 14 2019, 3:39 AM

issue is resolved.