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Header and Footer in Item Widget
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After thinking all the use cases of our list and grid,
I realize that there are special demands to place specific type of items in the top and bottom positions.

The Header,
which comes with title and some edit icon or checker, also can be covered by spotlight(naviframe) item title,
but people may want to make them scrollable so user can see all items in the wide screens.
in many mobile and web list view,
header area can have a special feature, refresh,
which you pull down the header,
refresh all the items data after showing simple progress icon.
(but in android they provide special layout for this feature, SwipeRefreshLayout)

search bar could be also one of popular usage of header.

The Footer,
which comes end of list,
also very useful for infinite scrolls,
with all data in the model is not loaded in once,
but if user reach the end of scroll,
footer showing some progress icon,
and load more available data and extend the scrolls.

we can provide this in the parts(or properties) of view and widget,

   parts {

listView.header = new Efl.Ui.TitleItem(listView);
listView.footer = new Efl.Ui.ProgressItem(listView);

How about support this feature?

SanghyeonLee updated the task description. (Show Details)Nov 14 2019, 2:08 AM

One big question regarding this header and footer is...
how we support horizontal header/footer.