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close windows doesn't work in wayland
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With last efl / e master git version , it's impossible to close windows (right top cross on window border) in wayland environment.
X works normally.
Arch Aur system
i915 driver

maderios created this task.Nov 28 2019, 2:17 PM
ProhtMeyhet added projects: enlightenment-git, Restricted Project, efl.Nov 28 2019, 2:51 PM
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Could you please upload a dmesg and/or a journalctl -b, both after a fresh reboot as it will then be shorter?

Did you build yourself? Please state the git commit you've build from then. Also, first please try a ninja clean and a rebuild and see if that fixes anything.

May I also ask you to play around with the Hardware Composite settings? Enable/Disable, but mostly setting the engine to "software" instead of opengl?

Just tested as I was sure this worked.... it works. efl apps. x11 apps via xwayland as well as gtk apps.

you know the app (toolkit) is responsible for the border and "close button" in wayland? if it's an x11 app being emulated via xwayland then e is responsible like in x11, but otherwise the app and whatever toolkit it uses to draw and handle the border is responsible. if it's an efl app then it's efl that is responsible (and it may be that the app is responsible if it does not handle a delete request or does not enable autodelete on a window)...

so what doesn't close?

I use Arch Aur efl -git and enlightenment-git compiled packages, just like you.
This issue could come from hardware or, more surely, from old config, maybe.
I removed this old config then configured new fresh enlightenment.
It works now. I made different configuration steps backups.
Wait and see...

With previous buggy old config :
These applications work: terminology, rage, gtkhash (gtk3) gedit (gtk3)
Doesn't work for many apps: emacs firefox pcmanfmqt, pcmanfm/gtk gkrellm thunderbird calibre k3b amarok gimp cpod vlc.
For emacs and pcmanfmqt, it's worth, i can't maximise windows.
I don't get this bug with 'old' version, efl-git-

ProhtMeyhet closed this task as Resolved.Nov 29 2019, 6:44 AM

For emacs and pcmanfmqt, it's worth, i can't maximise windows.

If this persists, please open a new bug/task.

It works now. I made different configuration steps backups.

Well, this is resolved then. If not, please reopen.