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Pre-Computed Text
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Pre-Computed Text

A text which has the character metrics data stored in it (pre-computed, could be in a background thread on creation).

Increase text drawing performance, as 90% of text rendering is calculations.
If performance can be improved in anyway it definitely should be done and pre-computed text can help with that!

Every developer is aware of how complex and time consuming text display is.
As per google measuring text (in Android) can take up to 90% of the time required to set the text.
pre-computed Text enables us to perform the most time-consuming parts of text layout beforehand.
When a pre-computed Text is created, it will measure the text metrics during the creation for all text,
get the glyph's, check hyphenation and position them, no matter visible or not.
Imagine scrolling a list of Textblocks with alot of text for the first time without pre-computed Text ! Getting text measurements for the first time ! etc …..

The control that will display the text should have the same font parameters and text as used in pre-computed text
thus cannot be shared between controls (they can only if they have same parameters) and these info needed to be known beforehand.

Newly added to Android (Android 9).

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