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Rich Text Editor Example
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Create a Rich Text Editor Example using EFL Text Classes and interfaces. (with a most rich text editor feature)
This is very helpful:

1- Ensure that we provide users with all features needed for rich text editing operations.

2- New Features can be added externally to this Example, and If they are super useful we can make them part of the toolkit.

3- Visually see and use all text features


  • Undo/redo
  • Rich Text Editor on the selection (Bold/Italic/underline/Color)
  • Specify font from Combobox with system fonts, font size
  • Rich Text Editor Copy style/ Paste Style Format Painter
  • File Load/ File Save for UTF-8 Files
  • Context Menu to auto-correct word (show options on context menu)
  • Clickable Hyperlinks, Open hyperlink events
  • Auto Capital First letter on paragraph when inserted by user (on/off)
  • Write emoticons.
  • Render simple HTML files
ali.alzyod triaged this task as TODO priority.

This looks like a fun thing to implement! I suggest we use the Text Editor example as a base.
In this way, we can create a cumulative tutorial in the future (that builds on top of the Text Editor tutorial, when we have one).

I can take care of this task if you want!

@segfaultxavi Thank you, of course, we should collaborate together, feel free to start ahead :)

Don't forget there is already ecrire which could serve as a quick start.


I think ecrire is for legacy APIs.
(i.e. it is made with "elm_entry" and other legacy elementary widgets)

And, this "rich text example" is for new text interfaces (not for legacy APIs).

Did you mean that ecire also needs to be changed its implementation with new efl interface classes ?

Yeah, we should take a look at ecrire, for sure. Unfortunately it uses legacy API (and does not seem to work very well right now).

I'll add rich editing features to the text editor example app and see where it goes :)
I'd like to keep it simple, so it can be used as a tutorial.

Also, as @woohyun mentioned, ecrire could be adapted to Unified API, that's another interesting project.

ali.alzyod updated the task description. (Show Details)Jan 17 2020, 10:14 AM
ali.alzyod updated the task description. (Show Details)Jan 17 2020, 10:58 AM

Some tasks related to this app: T8579, T8523 (specially the part about retrieving the list of available fonts).