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Screenshot tool does not allow for "saving"
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Enlightenment on Elive 3.8.2 amd64 uptodate 24 Jan 2020

When taking screenshot with the Enlightenment tool an editor opens (very nice BTW) but does not allow to "save" the result anywhere.

triantares closed this task as Invalid.Jan 24 2020, 9:19 AM

Sorry, that was a size issue ......... the buttons under the screen did not show up on my screen.
Without "magnification" of the screen they show up.

cederom reopened this task as Open.EditedNov 28 2020, 5:36 AM
cederom added a subscriber: cederom.

Sorry I have the same issue and resize does not help. My screen is scaled. I need to see that Save button anyways. This is still clearly a bug of screenshotter or dialogs that it cannot adapt to screen scaling/magnification that is a standard E feature. This needs fix please :-)

Another issue is that clipboard disappears after window is closed. When I cannot save a picture to a file I share it to the E website, then dialog shows up with the URL, then I copy that URL and click Hide button to close the dialog, then URL is gone from clipboard when I want to paste it into a web browser. Please fix this one too :-)

Thank you :-)