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"Enlightenment cannot succesfully start the enlightenment_system service"
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Enlightenment on Elive 3.8.2 amd64 since last enlightenment update.

When logging in or restarting enlightenment there's a message "Enlightenment cannot succesfully start the enlightenment_system service" widget.
This is there since the latest update.

as i mentioned before - you'll probably find it's a packaging issue - missing files or setuid bits. find the enlightenment_system binary and check.

Thanatermesis closed this task as Resolved.Jan 25 2020, 9:25 AM
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packaging related issue, it requires to add a chmod 4755, I assume this is not possible to from the makefiles ? In any case I close this bug for now as resolved

what was missing? the setuid bit? the makefiles - or well ninja files DO add the setuid bit on install. we have a post install script hooked into the build to go do just that and set the setuid bit. my bet is your packaging removed the setuid bit. some anal packaging systems like to do that and unless you go manually add it back in the packaging ... it remove sit. which is why my firest response was - probably a pakcaging issue. i know we set the setuid bit... because i added it to the setuid exe list to get the bit set and it's set here after "ninja install" and i didnt do any hacking around to set it. when you have these kind of issues first and always - assume packaging has broken something because assume that devs like me have already had the setuid bit set on install because i do a "sudo ninja install" to install e and it all works for me ... no packaging in between my install and me running things :)

Hum, I assume the debian packaging system simply put the "correct" permissions for the files hierarchy when packaging, so a hook of chmod has been needed to add to fix it

Probably ninja does correctly the work with the permissions but then debian "fixed" it removing the setuid as a default behaviour

ninja indeed does work right. when you have issues you should try comparing to permissions/ownership between the installed filesystem tree and what is packaged up in the package manager... :)