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[feature] multimedia buttons work when screen is locked
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Hello world :-)

I have updated Enlightenment port to 0.23.1 on FreeBSD. I can use multimedia keys such as VolumeUp and VolumeDown when screen is unlocked and this is fine. Sometimes however I would like to quickly lower the volume or mute sound even when screen is locked. This is possible on macOS and I find it very very useful. At the moment I need to log-in just in order to change the volume and then lock the screen again. Another scenario is that I leave my computer in a public place with sounds playing and this disturbs other people that should be able to mute or lower the volume without unlocking the workstation.

It would be really nice to have multimedia keys working on a locked screen:

  • VolumeUp.
  • VolumeDown.
  • Mute.
  • Play.
  • Pause.
  • Stop.
  • RewindForward.
  • SkipForward.
  • RewindBackward.
  • SkipBackward.
  • Eject.

Thanks for considering :-) I am not really familliar yet with the code enough to send patches sorry :-)

cederom created this task.Apr 17 2020, 4:57 AM
cederom triaged this task as Wishlist priority.