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Drag-n-Drop does not work in EFM
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EFL/E from git on FreeBSD 11.3 (Xorg).
When I try to drag a file - EFM just passes into file name modification mode.
Showing files on desktop is disabled (too many files there).
DnD works fine with another file managers.

Peter2121 triaged this task as High priority.
Peter2121 renamed this task from Drad-n-Drop does not work in EFM to Drag-n-Drop does not work in EFM.Apr 24 2020, 6:57 AM

It seems that this is a problem of profile.
I removed ~/e. and ~/.elementary directories and started E 'from scratch' - DnD was working correctly after this. When I put back my profiles - it does not work anymore.
It is NOT a problem of theme - reverting to the default one does not solve the problem.
My profiles are complex (mostly .e). How can I debug it? What profile parameters could affect the DnD behavior?

+1 here too Drag-n-Drop does not seem to work while more and more web browser features depend on this :-)