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eina_file_test: unlink test may fail due to tmpfile is already open
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As @vtorri pointed in, in some configurations the eina file's unlink test case, line 889's eina_file_open may fail stating that tmpfile is already opened from line 886:

886:   fd = create_file_not_empty(tmpfile, &test_file_path, EINA_TRUE); // opens here
887:   fail_if(fd != 0);
889:   test_file = eina_file_open(test_file_path, EINA_FALSE); // fail: already opened

Useful info

System info:

  • OS: (?)
  • Compiler: (?)

The error XML (extracted from?):

<test result="failure">
  <message>Failure &apos;!file&apos; occurred</message>
jptiz created this task.Aug 4 2020, 1:21 PM
jptiz added a project: efl.
jptiz added a comment.Aug 4 2020, 1:23 PM

@vtorri: I did some stub just to let this task open (and not ending up forgetting about it later haha), but there are some infos I don't have (the ones I let with a "?"). If you could provide them (and check if I understood the issue correctly), I would appreciate :)

ProhtMeyhet triaged this task as Normal priority.Thu, Oct 8, 9:04 AM

@jptiz normally it is fixed in git. See eacee53c2e795a1c5e187558ccced2d66390d761
At least, it works on my computer

Can you give it a try ?