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Terminology 1.8.1 doesn't behave as 1.7.0 regarding split focus
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On 1.7.0, when splitting a terminal with the shortcut, the focus is going directly on the new terminal. On 1.8.1, the focus stays on the same terminal. It is really confusing.

I didn't find any option to toggle between these modes so I supposed this change was not intended. Is it?

JackDanielZ triaged this task as Normal priority.

Btw, on master, the focus moves to the second terminal at the first split and then stays on the same terminal for the other splits.

The issue seems to be in commits 157d65e7ec83090fc69795b2f408c9582f176788 and 30b74f84f3ea5ec415468d854e65198e1ad89c46. I cannot determine which is bad as terminology crashes when I point on 30b...

Merci mon bon seigneur ;-)