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evas_object_textblock / elm_entry - line merge up junk characters.
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Using ecrire, I noticed that new lines were not displayed corrected. If I close/open ecrire, it seems to display correctly. The file was natively made in linux (using nano).

Testing in elementary, I can get a "?" symbol if I create / delete new lines a few times - perhaps it's something broken in elementary?

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It's rendering newlines in the editor when it shouldn't be. When merging can see then if you copy the text into copy buffer then pass it to hexdump it's additional '\n' characters.

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4976097bd427c09b493e428ce476b83d6427199e breaks it

Not true...

I tried downgrading to 1.24.3, and it seemed to have the same issues. So, maybe not a showstopper for 1.25.x? But, it still seems to break text editors built off of EFL.

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When removing a newline in a multi-line elm_entry, a trailing newline glyph is being appended to the end of the new line.

If the font used does not handle a '\n' character and display it as whitespace then the above will happen.

This behaviour is 100% reproducible.

If you create some new lines in an entry widget then delete them, after the line is merged the cursor can move over the glyph. Press right arrow after a newline merge, you will see an additional whitespace.

This might not seem problematic but these new lines are copyable therefore you can get bogus copy data from the widget.

evas_object_textblock should not be rendering a '\n' character as it is currently doing in this scenario.

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This is an old issue:

Easy steps to produce:
1- Open elementry_text -> entry
2- SelectAll + and Press "Delete"
3- Press "Enter" 3 times
4- Press "Page Up"
5- Press "Delete"

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