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Volume Control / Multimedia Keys on Screen Lock
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Hello world :-)

I have already asked for this but probably jumped into a black hole.. very useful thing is Volume Control even when screen is locked - Volume Up, Volume Down, Mute - these are very important three things folks need without logging into the machine..

All Multimedia buttons support would be ery nice to have too - Volume Up/Down, Mute, Pause, Next/Previous, Stop.

macOS allows multimedia control on lock screen which is really nice and useful feature :-)

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In theory this support is already there using Gadgets. But it's a bit edgy at the moment (and you'll need the latest enlightenment version 0.24). Why your volume multimedia keys don't work - IDK. Maybe @raster can tell, because my mute key works, volume up or down don't (in lockscreen).


Setting -> Screen -> Screen Lock -> Configure Lockscreen Gadgets (at the bottom). I only could get the xkbswitch to work, plus quite often the overlay didn't disappear meaning I could not click on any window anymore after closing the preview.

Thanks @ProhtMeyhet but the support should work out of the box with no additional configuration and/or lockscreen gadgets :-)

Also lockscreen gadgets did not work for me (maybe they do now) so I avoid them.

Because of multimedia keys location in my Panasonic Toughbook I have remapped Mute to Lockscreen so I can always lock my screen in a second when I need it.. thus Volume UP/DOWN would be nice to have too :-)

raster added a comment.Oct 9 2020, 4:58 AM

those gadgets mentioned above are now gone. so ... you can't do that lock screen gadgets thing anymore. might bring it back later with old gadgets.

so we have a few issues here.

  1. if all you do is have the screen blank the keys work. it happens to also unblank. this is not your problem though as you have the screen LOCKED
  2. when the screen is locked, the desk lock grabs the keyboard, hides all on screen content so only it is visible and forces it to be that way for security reasons.

now ... the way keys are used to control volume,. mute etc. is via key bindings. the same key bindings that handle alt+tab, ctrl+alt+x to close a window, etc. etc. and these are totally user configurable. they can do anything you configure them to do. to allow bindings to work in screen lock would be an insane security hole. in theory behind the scenes bindings have a context where they work. the default and only context for keys is "ANY" ... that precludes grabbing situations like lock screen. it's have to be special-case handled by the locker. i'd also have to expose context as well in keybindings in a simplified way. then you can add specific bindings with a new context of "lock screen" that will work when locked as well as normally. i can't just make multimedia keys work as explained above, but i can give you the choice to make specific bindings available in the lock screen as a user. you can do it binding by binding.

Hello @raster :-) If creating a dedicated group of keys and key bindins to filter that would work on a lock screen then fine, no specific difference for me, except we have multimedia keys (Vol+, Vol-. Mute, Play, Pause, Next, Previous, etc) on that list by default.. that should give the multimedia controls available on the lock screen by default :-)

At ome point i need to come back to lock screen and expanding what it can do, but i'm busy with color classes and related stuff right now.