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enlightenment and efl git powersave issue
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enlightenment is launched in tty1 with power saving dpms setting
If I go to other user tty2 or root, power is saved in this console, screen becomes black, just like in tty1 e session
If i launch enlightenment16 x session in tty2, power is saved in this console, screen becomes black
For this 2 cases, i have to switch to tty1 e X session to recover normal screen in tty2 console or X session

  • It doesn't happen when i launch wayland e session
  • This issue doesn't happen if i replace enlightenment by xfce4

To be short: enlightenment X session powersaving affects other user accounts, tty console or X

maderios created this task.Dec 1 2020, 10:31 AM

there is no x event or api that tells us when the user switched vt. so e doesn't know as it doesn't control the vt and is not involved in switching (xorg server does that). xserver still sends screensaver timeout events in the background while the switched-away xorg still runs so e gets a "screen went idle - screensaver kicking in" and so does that is is configured to do. in wayland mode e DOES the vt swtich. without e actively doing it the vt is locked, so e knows. i don't know what xfce does but does it dim anything?

actually i take that back. xorg has a hack. a property on root "XFree86_has_VT" and "XFree86_VT". not documented anywhere....

I don't know if it's useful. I remember i reported a problem with backlight in 2020 april
Enlightenment disturbed backlight in all tty but it was with wayland session, not X
I solved it with "don't fade backlight".