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imlib2: Native support for AVIF
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AVIF seems to be gaining traction. It is now implemented on web-browsers (Chrome and Firefox) and image editors (GIMP, ImageMagick, Darktable). There is even a basic third-party loader for imlib2: imlib2-avif
Adding AVIF natively into imlib2 would greatly benefit all downstream projects, as AVIF, alongside HEIF, is becoming the new standard for digital photos.

dllud created this task.Jan 17 2021, 3:07 PM
Colocasian added a subscriber: Colocasian.

I have added HEIF file support via libheif (Maniphest task: imlib2: Native support for HEIF, and it seems to support AVIF as well, so I believe that completing HEIF support will automatically also include AVIF support.

dllud added a comment.Tue, May 4, 6:37 AM

Nice! Thanks for having a go at it.
Indeed, libheif supports AVIF.