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Cannot set any terminal colors in the Terminology Settings menu
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I cannot set any terminal colors from the Settings / Colors menu
or anyhow else, regardless of TERM=vt102 or TERM=xterm-256color.
Just nothings happens. Toggle "Display bold and italic in the
terminal" though works. What am I doing wrong?

Is this a bug or just a lack of documentation?

I'm using Terminolgy from ports in Freebsd-12.2, no desktop environment.

whukriede created this task.Wed, Apr 7, 5:48 AM
whukriede added a comment.EditedWed, Apr 7, 6:00 AM

Okay, I found it out. Sorry folks, I think this is very confusing. Why don't you add bit of instruction in the widget. Might spare us poor users some grief. Best Greetings, Wolfgang.

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