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Terminology automatically scrolls to bottom
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This is in terminology and EFL built from head last Friday (2021-04-23). This has been going on for quite a long while.

I have "Scroll to bottom when a key is pressed" enabled. I have "Scroll to bottom on new content" disabled.

Have enough output to scroll the window. Scroll up and then move focus to any other window. After some period of time, terminology will scroll to the bottom. It can take any where from 3 seconds to more than 90 seconds to happen but it seems like it will always happen.

Disabling the "Scroll to bottom" option seems to have no impact on this behavior.

mikfire created this task.Apr 29 2021, 9:10 AM

When doing this, do you have splits or tabs?

Is your scroll buffer large enough to go back to where it was scrolled up?

Sorry for the delayed response. My email client is treating this thread oddly and I didn't see you had asked for more input.

I have no splits or tabs open.

I am uncertain how to answer the second question. My scroll back buffer is set to 1024 lines. I see this behavior regardless of how many lines are in the buffer, as long as there are enough lines to actually have something to scroll. I have tested this with more than 1024 lines in my buffer, and with just enough lines to give me something to scroll

I've just tested with a 23 line window and a 55 line window. Same behavior.

It is entirely possible this is my problem. I would be happy to do the diagnostics, but I would need some help in compiling and enabling them.

billiob claimed this task.May 1 2021, 2:49 AM

Are you using wayland?

I am not.

I have checked the meson output from efl, enlightenment and terminology.

Only efl mentions wayland, and efl says

Message: efl_canvas_wl disabled!
Message: elua disabled!
Message: ecore_wayland disabled!

The meson options I set for:

  • efl are: -D systemd=false -D drm=false -D avahi=false -D build-tests=false
  • enlightenment are: -D mount-udisks=false -D mount-eeze=true -D systemd=false -D connman=false -D geolocation=false -D elput=false

I don't set any options other than --prefix for terminology.

I am playing with EINA_LOG_LEVEL, but I am not able to find the right combination of strings to get the terminology output.

The way I tried to reproduce is by adding some content to the terminal and the execute the following:

I=0; while [ 1 ]; do sleep 1; echo $I; ((I = I + 1)); done