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Touchscreen taps in E16 Pager
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The pager in E16 allows for selection with a touchscreen and jumps to a desired empty virtual desktop when tapped.
Doing that on an opened app on a different desktop does NOT make it jump to that app (or the desktop) like the touchpad tap or mouse-click does...neither does it react to 2 finger taps (right-click).

It does allow dragging the app to other desktops, so looks more like a "tap" issue than a "select" issue, i.e how libinput is called.

kwo added a comment.Sun, Jul 11, 11:28 AM

Hmm.. e16 only deals with X11 pointer events and does not use libinput.
e16 does not know of (or at least care about) the type of input device.
Any difference in behavior between touchpad/mouse and touchscreen behavior must somehow come from the configuration of these devices which lies outside e16.
Maybe you can figure out what is going on by trying xev with the different devices.
One thing that may be significant is the time between key press/release events and between repeats (double click).
Unfortunately I don't have a computer with touchscreen to play with.