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Enlightenment flickering wayland issue
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After a long time without using wayland, i decided to test it again with Enlightenment.
I still get same issue with Firefox: when i try to login twitter or other sites, dialog connexion box flickers. I can't enter name and password.
I can't get focus/click in Chromium, i just get enlightenment dialog
Same issue with opengl and software. QT applications work normally.
I don't meet this issue with Weston.
efl-git and enlightenment-git master
Arch Linux system (Aur packages)
linux-lts kernel
Intel i915 modeset

maderios created this task.Sun, Jul 11, 3:09 AM

Can't tell you what the flickering is - we render surfaces normally like any others. we don't do explicit fences. The input problem is known. I don't know what the solution should be (have ideas). Have not spent any time looking into fixing that. so "I know. ffox has issues". I have other priorities and frankly just don't have the time to look into this - other things are keeping me busy that are neither for wayland or x specifically -t hey are general for e and are on the todo list.