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incorrect dim-out of laptop screen when external HDMI is unplugged
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I used an external TV to watch a movie using the HDMI cable, everything went fine (both screens working independently, both with light), when I finished I unplugged the cable, then the screen of the laptop became black and unable to do anything so I was able to run a reboot on a console (without seeing anything on screen, so I assume the screen was dimmed-out, also because before that it became black in a gradual mode)

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Version of E was 0.24.2 built on GIT ID 7d694d6eea
EFL was 1.25.1 and GIT id d6a896ef96

i've plugged in monitors and never seen this. everything should fade out to black (to hide the screen re-configuring with everything now black and back-light dimmed to lowest level), then e reconfigured the screen, then it fades it all back in. all screens are treated the same - desktop or laptop. same thing. the only difference is desktop screens can fade using ddc controls instead of sysfs controls. this requires ddcutil to be installed and the monitor to reliably work with ddc - but for the internal laptop screen it should also work. i've always seen this work reliably. keep in mind that when e fades to black it BOTH dims the back-light to minimum level (0 which may mean completely off for your hardware OR it may just be very dark - if you shine a bright light on the screen you should be able to see some details on the screen if it was just the back-light being off). but e ALSO RENDERS a fade to black - so basically a big black rectangle covering the whole screen that fades in from alpha 0 to solid - this causing all screens to draw black. so e does both to hide everything - that's the point. to make everything as invisible as possible while it re-configures things