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No switching to virtual console
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Using version
On Elive 3.8.20 amd64

Switching to i.e TTY4 using the Ctrl,Alt,F4 combo brings up X (not the login console) again albeit w.o cursor/pointer.
Switching back to F7 gives a flashing screen but cursor/pointer works.

triantares triaged this task as Showstopper Issues priority.

E24+ can be run on console too, using wayland which is enabled for Elive, you easily can differentiate if is X11 or Wayland by looking at the window-borders in thunar or the opening-apps effect, they should look different

The strange thing is that it runs your E on console, why? mmh, do you have any type of "autologin" configured for the user?

Make sure this issue also happens in Live mode so we can know if a user-setting issue or not, by default E should not run at all from user-login in console unless there's some strange systemd or similar os-related configuration 🤔

triantares added a comment.EditedThu, Oct 7, 10:57 AM

This is a thing for every user on my machine as well as other machines. It only happens using E24 not E16 and coming from F7 ( -- :0). If starting a second session with "-- :1" whilst running E16 on -- :0 this does not happen.

The thing is it doesn't run E on console, it only looks that way....can't even log in.

Anyway it's easy enough to reproduce, which is why I haven't added any logs or errors.
Try it for yourself.

raster added a subscriber: raster.Fri, Oct 8, 1:06 AM

if you have trouble switching vt's and e is running in x11 as it should be ... then vt switching is an issue` for your xorg server/driver - enlightenment doesn't do this at all. it's entirely handled internally by the xserver. e16 isn't a compositor thus it wont be using the gl driver stack ... so the way rendering and buffers display on the x server side will be different.

triantares closed this task as Resolved.Fri, Oct 8, 1:36 AM

Hadn't thought of gl as the culprit there, I'll look into it...thanks.
Now to find out if this happens on other distros than Elive too.