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multihead screen issue
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Mirrored multihead with TV can't be configured since last git e versions. I tried different configurations, they don't work.
Happily, i have an old 2018 configuration, this one works.
e and efl git master, Arch system

I just set one screen to clone the other. it worked for me... I normally have one screen side by side with the other all day too...

Yes but, may be, it doesn't work for you if you try to configure multihead cloned screen with fresh e configuration. This is my case :(

there is no reason existing config would affect this at all... the config is done in memory with the gui modifying the in-memory config then the config is later written out to disk. :(

Sorry, i write english very badly, there's a misunderstanding.
I rephrase:
Mirrored multihead with TV can't be set since last git e versions.
It doesn’t work, even with the same setting than old one (2020).
Happily, this old setting still works.
HDMI, e and efl git master, Arch system. Main screen is computer. I use TV just as second/mirrored screen.

From E's point of view a TV is a monitor. E doesn't know it is a TV at all. It's just another HDMI (or DisplayPort or DVI etc.) output that has modes available (eg 1080p@160hz, 20160p@30hz, 720p etc. etc.) and is configured to be on with some mode and some rotation and is relative to another screen (left/right/above/below etc.) or is closing some other screen. In case of cloning E has to try choose the same mode for both screens. It will try choose the nearest one if the same mode is not available.